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Danny Noles

Danny Noles


Danny J. Noles grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and is now a managing partner at the Noles Group. After attending school at Auburn University, Danny decided that his ideal career would be one that helped the community he had grown with throughout his life. With this in mind, he quickly began laying down the path towards becoming a financial professional. His roots in the area facilitated a feeling of responsibility to do the best for his clients with whom he shared a hometown. By focusing primarily on retirement strategizing, he could ensure that his guidance would last for the long term, guiding his community toward a clear and confident future.

After years in the business, this sense of community has never gone away. He has formed multiple strong friendships with clients that go beyond financial strategizing. Care, concern, and commitment are the three main ways clients have described his character, and his philosophy is a direct reflection of that. At The Noles Group, Danny believes that financial guidance is a personalized process, so getting to know the person behind the finances is the key to ensuring that they are handled correctly.

Trusting your money with a stranger is a tricky decision, but with Danny, you can feel more confident knowing that your finances are in the hands of a friend. A friend who enjoys his Alabama neighborhood by fishing, hunting, and watching sporting events with his three sons. A friend who has spent 30 years with The Noles Group and even longer in Alabama. A friend who understands family.

Above all, Danny believes that finances are one of the most important modes of keeping your family safe. And since he shares a hometown with most of his clients, he feels as though he also shares his life with them. This is why clients are always considered part of the Noles family.